Lora Temperature/ Humidity/ Soil Moisture Sensor V3

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Makerfabs Lora Soil Moisture is a cheap& easy solution for smart agriculture. It is used for monitoring the relative moisture of the soil, the temperature,

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Makerfabs Lora Soil Moisture is a cheap& easy solution for smart agriculture. It is used for monitoring the relative moisture of the soil, the temperature, and the relative humidity of the air. It reports the data via Lora, to remote Lora receiver, and thus to create low-cost remote monitoring network easily. Itis based on Atmel's Atmega328P, it collects local air temperature/ humidity with sensor AHT10, and detect the soil humidity with capacitor-humility measurement, and transmit the local environment data to the gateway, with Lora communication, suit for applications for smart-farm, irrigation, agriculture, etc.

Compared to the previous version, the V3 has the following great updates:
1. Much lower power consumption. With Makerfabs detailed design on hardware& firmware, the Lora moisture sensor can work at least 2 years, with 2xAAA batteries;
2. Unique ID for each device. Each Lora moisture sensor is programmed with a unique ID by default firmware, customers can get them on the surface. so the remote Lora receiver can identify them when multiple sensors are used;
3. Improved board Coating. J3166 water-proof paint protects the board better, not only makes the board water-proof but also solves the very problems of electrode corrosion, soil electrolysis and resulting in better accuracy and longer battery life.
Lora Soil Moisture be installed by plugging into the soil, either in a flowerpot or place near a plant, it monitors the air/soil status and reports the data to remote Lora receiver, with its unique ID, so the remote receiver can monitor/ identify the signal, and make alarms/actions, to help the plants.
Lora Temperature/ Humidity/ Soil Moisture Sensor is shipped out with Arduino pro-mini bootloader pre-loaded, and there's also Makerfabs default sketch programmed. Of course, Uses can re-program it with Arduino IDE, we suggest a standard USB2UART converter for this. Note that the DTR in the USB2UART converter is needed to connect to the "Reset" pin for Arduino sketch downloading, if there is no DTR, you may need to press the “reset” button manually in the downloading.

Makerfabs CP2104 USB to Serial Converter Arduino Programmer is strongly suggested for re-programming: Its included 


  • Wireless Lora Transceiver
  • Soil Moisture Measurement based on capacitive Testing
  • Unique ID
  • Low power: 7.1uA when sleeping. 2 years working life with 2xAAA battery
  • Onboard AHT10 sensor to monitor air temperature and air humidity
  • Onboard Battery Voltage Measurement
  • Full Open Source- all hardware and software open at GitHub
  • Compatible with Arduino
  • Supply power voltage: 2.0V~3.3V
  • 3D printing case

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