Arducam PiNSIGHT, 12MP Vision AI Mate for Raspberry Pi 5

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Estimated Shipping Time: End of MarchIntelligent Vision for Raspberry PiCost-Effective AI Camera SolutionHigh Computing Power with Low Power ConsumptionEasy Ada

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  • Estimated Shipping Time: End of March
  • Intelligent Vision for Raspberry Pi
  • Cost-Effective AI Camera Solution
  • High Computing Power with Low Power Consumption
  • Easy Adaption and Assembly
  • Stylish Look and Shape

Arducam PiNSIGHT is an AI marvel, seamlessly integrating with Raspberry Pi to create an intelligent vision hub. Its backward compatibility with Pi 4B/3B+ opens doors to limitless possibilities, transforming your Raspberry Pi into a visionary powerhouse for advanced AI applications.

The heart of PiNSIGHT lies in its collaboration with the cutting-edge OAK-SoM. With hardware-based encoding capabilities (H.264, H.265, MJPEG), this embedded system ensures superior efficiency and faster video processing. Paired with the Arducam 12MP camera module, it optimizes power consumption, providing a powerful yet energy-efficient solution for intelligent vision applications.

PiNSIGHT's 4K camera module takes visual clarity to new heights. With encoding support at 4K/30FPS and 1080P/60FPS, it delivers unparalleled performance. This hardware synergy not only guarantees real-time precision but also enables parallel processing for handling multiple video streams. PiNSIGHT empowers your Raspberry Pi with AI capabilities that redefine the boundaries of intelligent vision.


  • Face Recognition
  • Fatigue Detection
  • Object Recognition
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Pose Estimation Example


  • Seamless Integration: PiNSIGHT effortlessly transforms Raspberry Pi into an AI powerhouse, offering expanded possibilities for intelligent vision. It's backward compatible with Pi 4B/3B+.
  • OpenVINO Harmony: PiNSIGHT seamlessly integrates with OpenVINO, enabling flexible deployment of advanced AI capabilities in a diverse ecosystem.
  • Efficient Hardware Encoding: OAK-SoM enables hardware-based encoding (H.264, H.265, MJPEG), ensuring superior efficiency, faster video processing, and optimized power consumption when paired with the Arducam 12MP camera module.
  • High Performance, Low Power: PiNSIGHT delivers consistent real-time performance with dedicated hardware acceleration, ideal for power-constrained applications, supporting parallel processing of multiple video streams.
  • Simple and Affordable: PiNSIGHT's easy adaptation to Raspberry Pi 5, sleek design, and cost-effectiveness make it the prime choice for an excellent and budget-friendly AI camera solution.


Image Sensor
Still Resolution12.3 Megapixels
Video Modes4056×3040@30fps, 3840×2160@30fps, 1920×1080@60fps
Output FormatRAW10/YUV/NV12/RGB
Sensor Resolution4056 x 3040 pixels
Sensor image area6.287mm x 4.712 mm (7.9mm diagonal)
Pixel Size1.55 µm x 1.55 µm
Optical Size1/2.3"
IR SensitivityIntegral IR-cut Filter, visible light only
Focus TypeAuto Focus
Focal Length4.81mm
Field of View(FOV)81°(D)×69°(H)×55°(V)
Lens MountStock Lens
Default Focus Range15cm-∞
Electrical and Mechanical
Overall Size88.5×58×10 mm
Operating Temp.-20°C and 50°C
Power Requirements5V 1A

Package Including

  • 1× Arducam Pinsight AI Mate
  • 1× 15cm USB3.0 TyPE-C Cable


  • The Raspberry Pi Board is not included in the package.
  • Performance with Rpi 3 and below might be affected.
  • Tripod is not included in the package, please check UB0224 and UB0216 for additional purchase.